Fixed Rate Business Loans – are you getting a good deal?

Do you or have you had a Fixed Rate Business Loan from your Bank? Did you get what you thought you had contracted to? Since the economic downturn, CFS has received many requests for help from Business owners to review their loan agreements. As a result of these requests errors and omissions have been found in documentation that have led to formal complaints to the relevant banks and subsequently formalising the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

One such case has just been upheld by the Ombudsman where the documentation was inadequate, incomplete and misleading. As a result the Bank involved have offered redress to the business owner that will result in the fixed rate loan being changed and reworked at a variable rate with overpayments being returned. These overpayments and interest on these will provide the business owner with a financial saving of over £130,000.

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August 2014.