Peer to Peer Lending

Over recent years the traditional sources of finance has become more difficult to obtain. This has left the market open for alternative providers who have entered the market to offer unique and innovative solutions to the traditional banks.

Alternative providers are those providing unusual support to the SME sector and include;

  • Peer to peer lending – matching cash rich investors to SME’s needs by providing loans over 1, 3 & 5 years. Currently one lender has lent in excess of £138M using this system.
  • Short Term Working Capital Loans based on income seen through the business bank account.
  • Peer to peer lending – where cash rich investors take a share ownership in return for the investment.
  • Spot debtor finance – also called factoring or invoice financing but using individual invoices rather than the entire sales ledger as is usual.
  • Debtor finance – using peer to peer lending against individual invoices.
  • Lending against future debit & credit card sales such as in the retail & leisure industry.
  • Private investment.

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