No need to put all of your eggs in one basket.  Spread the risk and liabilities.


PGI provides insurance for individuals, (usually Directors) who have given a Personal Guarantee to a lender in respect of the borrowings of their limited company, in the event that when called in the company is unable to repay the whole of the borrowings and the PG is called upon.


The PGI is the first of its kind to provide protection and advice at the same time. The policy can be purchased at anytime either for an existing guarantee or as finance is taken out.

Are your debtors taking too long to pay you?

CFS has an association with an established provider who helps you collect these. They have a success rate of over 84% recovery over an 18 day period. Individual debtors collected and controlled by the client.

Need business Insurance?

CFS has access to independent commercial insurance brokers to help you find the correct cover at affordable premiums.

Need life cover or key man cover?

CFS has access to NACFB Financial Service who are independent financial advisers to help you find the best cover and premium.

Are you paying too much for your utility services?

CFS has an association with an independent provider who can review your bills and work with you to secure the best terms in the market. Recent successes have shown savings of £3,000pa.